I'll do my best to explain what I'm looking for because I get confused just thinking about it.

I have an excel document with 2 sheets in it.

1. (in table form) List of employees and their clock-out time (end time).
2. (in table form) List of job #'s with their start times.

I need to randomly assign employees to work those jobs based on what time they get off (with a buffer) so they have enough time to work it (30 minutes) and still get off on time.


Job #1234 starts at 11pm.

John gets off at 11:45pm.
Bob gets off at 10:45pm
Chris gets off at 11:30pm

I need excel to go find who is available to work those jobs based off of sheet 1.
And then return that infromation into sheet 2 with those employee names. So for my example, excel would place names into sheet 2 telling me that John and Chris can work this job. I would be picking up to 6 people for each job but not always.

Also, if random assignment is possible, I'd like to add an option (button or shortcut) that would rotate through names/end times so the same people with qualifying end times aren't always the one stuck working the job at 11pm....etc..
Does that make sense? :(