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Working out a pro rata rate rather than previous lump sum

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    Working out a pro rata rate rather than previous lump sum

    Hi there,

    In need of help. I am only a basic Excel user and formulas really aren't something I can get to grips with.

    I have been asked to work out a total figure I used to charge in a lump sum, but now pro rata, which should run from January - December. As I am only starting this now, I have to work everything out from March - December.

    I have a 600 row long spreadsheet which has a list of purchases and the amount owned per year.

    Qty Maint. Due
    2000 3,000.00 March '14
    1000 1,500.00 Oct '14
    500 750.00 Dec '13
    500 750.00 April '14
    500 750.00 May '14

    I need to work out the above pro rata. I can add any columns if required but I just do not know how to work this out on excel.

    As the first entry in the above tables shows March, which is due next week, I know that I need to work out 10 12ths of 3000, which would be 2500.
    Come October, I need to work out 3 12ths..

    How can I get Excel to work this out per row?

    Thanks so much.

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    Re: Working out a pro rata rate rather than previous lump sum

    If your "dates" are in teh saqme format as you copied (ie, text, not real dates), then try this, copied down....
    =B2/12*(12-MONTH(DATEVALUE(1&" "&LEFT(C2,FIND("'",C2,1)-2)&" "&RIGHT(C2,2)))+1)
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