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External Workbook Link with Dynamic Cell Reference

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    External Workbook Link with Dynamic Cell Reference

    I currently have a file that is linked to an external workbook that is referencing a certain cell from a certain tab. The below is what Column A & B look like right now. What I'm wanting to know is is there a way to have the formula in Column B automatically reference the name in Column A (which is the tab name in the external workbook) instead of having to manually change the formula when the value in Column A changes?
    In other words, I want everything in the external reference formula to remain the same except have the person's name change dynamically...

    Thanks in advance for any help!!! : )

    Mary ='X:\Anderson Corporation\Employees\[Work Hours]Mary'!$F$42
    Joe ='X:\Anderson Corporation\Employees\[Work Hours]Joe'!$F$42
    Frank ='X:\Anderson Corporation\Employees\[Work Hours]Frank'!$F$42
    Michelle ='X:\Anderson Corporation\Employees\[Work Hours]Michelle'!$F$42
    Sam ='X:\Anderson Corporation\Employees\[Work Hours]Sam'!$F$42

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    Re: External Workbook Link with Dynamic Cell Reference

    See attached for example of using Indirect.
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