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Cells repeating

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    Cells repeating

    I excel suppose in Column A i type A, B,C,D in different cells, in the next sheet in Column A i want thease to be repeated till the number of cells we mention. Like A,B,C,D again start with A,B,C,D and it continues .
    And in next lot i want this A,B,C,D to be replaced with R,T,U,I,O,P,H. Then thease needs to be repeated.
    Is it ppossible

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    Re: Cells repeating

    Put this formula in A1 of Sheet2:


    then copy down as far as you need to.

    I'm not sure what your second question means, but if you put R,T,U,I,O,P,H in cells A1:A7 of Sheet1, then the display on Sheet2 will automatically adjust.

    Hope this helps.


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