I am having an issue on excel 2007 with links between a destination workbook and the source workbook it is linked to.

The functionality that I am trying to achieve is for a cell in the destination workbook to be edited and the value to affect the source workbook. The links exist between the two document, I know this because they initially were created as tabs in a workbook and the links between the tabs worked. The tab was saved out as a new book, the links between the two documents retained and are displayed in the links dialogue box.

The issue I am having is that to see updated changes between the documents I have to go to 'links' and update links (this changes the link from 'unknown' to 'ok') and the values update, but the link then reverts back to 'unkown' again, every time. I cant be having to go to links and re-link to the destination workbook each time surely?

Ultimately I am looking for a source workbook to be opened and to read the values from the destination workbook (without the destination workbook having to be opened), and for the values to update.

The files are on a network, but I have also tested the same files locally and the same issues persists. The files are also in a trusted location.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful.