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Create a query or function to match UPC codes from two vendors?

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    Question Create a query or function to match UPC codes from two vendors?

    Hello all! I've received a spreadsheet from two different vendors. Naturally, they have different UPC codes- but for the ones that match I'd like to compare the listed price on each spreadsheet and use the "if" function to determine the cheaper vendor. I have tried using VLookup with no avail. Can someone please lead me in the right direction? Sifting through google isn't working...

    For example,

    A B C D E
    1 200 (prices) (description)
    2 201
    3 204
    4 209
    6 211

    A B C D E
    1 201
    2 203
    3 204
    4 205
    5 209
    6 211

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    Re: Create a query or function to match UPC codes from two vendors?


    I have created a simple spread sheet using a SUMIF function which should be able to help you, provided there are no duplication of UPC codes.

    A simple test in each sheet using a COUNTIF function could show which items may be shown more than once.

    See what you think.


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