I have comments in cells that are created and sized to 150x150 using a macro.

I run the macro and then add the images. All the images I embed are 200x200. They are part of a table with filters. I have been doing this for several months. Me and 1 other user edit the file and re-save it numerous times.

Almost every time I open it i notice some of the images are skewed and disproportional and re-sized to other dimensions. It is not consistent and I can't find out why it happens to some comments and not to others and it seems to be happening at random times without notice.

Neither I nor the other user a changing the image files or modifying the properties of the comment. I end up running the macro again and it corrects all the images but eventually they start changing again. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there a setting in the comment formatting that I need to change?