When I paste an embedded Excel object in powerpoint, the hyperlinks are stripped. An error is received "The address of this site is not valid. Check the address and try again." Why is the hyperlink stripped down to just the filename?

Excel Version 2010, Powerpoint Version 2010

Situation: In Excel 2010, I am adding hyperlinks to documents located on a sharepoint site. I copy the sharepoint link (https://xx.xx.com/xx/xx/xx/xx.pdf) and place in the Address box on the Insert Hyperlink box. I save the excel and validate the hyperlinks are working. I copy the excel report and paste as an embedded oject into powerpoint 2010. I open the embedded object and validate the links are working. I save and close the documents.

Problem: When I open the embedded object in the powerpoint slide, the majority of the hyperlink was stripped and only the file name remains. The hyperlinks in Excel remain intact.

Thank you for any help!