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Conversion of .xls file to dbase IV (.dbf) file WITHOUT MS ACCESS

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    Conversion of .xls file to dbase IV (.dbf) file WITHOUT MS ACCESS

    Hey now,

    I currently use a program that favors dbf (dbase IV) files for custom applications and other needs.

    MS Excel 2003 had the functionality for saving of .xls files to .dbf files.

    MS Excel 2007 DOES NOT allow for this. I now have to go to MS ACCESS, import the .xls file, and before exporting it to a dbf file, Pray to No End that I will not get an error message such as "File Will Not Fit In Record" on the MS ACCESS format/dbf file or other error messages which I have to then attempt to solve through other means, especially since Microsoft Office Help does not address this issue directly.

    This does not happen all the time; I have had several instances where the xls file does go through MS ACCESS fine; it may be related to number of fields?

    BUT for the most part, when I do get the "Field will not fit in Record" error is make a copy of the .xls file, create a smaller spreadsheet with a couple of the only most program or function-relevant fields, go through the same procedure as above, which then generally works. (I then create another database later with an ID field that I can join to the function-relevant fields database).


    Is there a way within MS ACCESS (or even Excel) where I do not have to go through this? Is MS EXCEL 2010 offering a version of what 2003 did?

    This is infinitely insane; I will die happy if MS Excel 2003 can become a part of my life again.

    Dan B

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    Re: Conversion of .xls file to dbase IV (.dbf) file WITHOUT MS ACCESS

    I did a quick search and found an open-source (free) Add-in for 2007 that enables dbf exporting.

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    Re: Conversion of .xls file to dbase IV (.dbf) file WITHOUT MS ACCESS


    Ok, good to know, but I may not be able to add applications like this to our operating system set up (Departmental Policy--have to get a Permission Slip first

    Dan b

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