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Bar chart for weeks of the year

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    Bar chart for weeks of the year

    I want to create a helper column within a sheet which will assign a week number (1-52) based on January 1st.

    A date of 1/3/14 would return 1

    A date of 1/8/14 would return 2

    A date of 2/2/14 would return 5 (as in the fifth week of the year)

    Does Excel contain an easy solution for this?

    I want to create a weekly chart showing sales totals for each week of the year.

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    Re: Bar chart for weeks of the year


    Look on the net for "Excel WeekNum". The function is built into Excel. Which version of excel are you using as it makes a difference....
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    Re: Bar chart for weeks of the year

    this would be a solution
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