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Excel 2013: This command cannot be used on multiple selectiong (copy/Paste Troubles)

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    Excel 2013: This command cannot be used on multiple selectiong (copy/Paste Troubles)

    Hello all,

    I am an excel noob who often tends to struggle with it. My latest issue is with copying and pasting multiple groups of text from the same column. The excel file I am referring to is posted here as an attachment and what I am trying to od is c/p the groups of text under the nonrecyclable (column G) for each of the four weeks at the same time. I am holding on to the ctrl key while selecting all these groups of text but when I click copy, I get the error message. I understand I can c/p each group of text one by one but I want to learn a way to c/p all the groups of text at the same time since I need to c/p from many of these types of excel sheets.

    If anyone can give me a solution to my problem it would be greatly appreciated! Also I am not too knowledgeable about all of the vba and macro stuff so go easy on me!
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    Re: Excel 2013: This command cannot be used on multiple selectiong (copy/Paste Troubles)

    You could try selecting the rows that you want to copy with an auto-filter. You may need to remove the long merged cell at the top of the sheet in order to do this.

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