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Automatically Run Through Dropdown Menu

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    Automatically Run Through Dropdown Menu

    I've got a workbook with multiple worksheets related to several subsidiary companies for each state & territory, resulting in 450+ worksheets in the workbook. I created a summary sheet with a dropdown menu for each state/territory that pulls in the relevant data using "=indirect". For example, selecting CA from the dropdown menu populates the combined revenue, expenses, etc., for all subsidiaries in CA. However, I've got 50 states plus some territories. I'd like the revenue, expenses, etc. for every dropdown option. Ideally, a separate sheet (or whatever) that lists all 50 states and the revenue, expenses, etc., for each one below (or across).

    Is there any way to do this automatically so I don't have to select every single option and copy and paste the numbers into a different worksheet? Thanks.

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    Re: Automatically Run Through Dropdown Menu

    Welcome to the Forum, unfortunately:

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