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Issues with pasting negative time into spreadsheet

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    Issues with pasting negative time into spreadsheet

    I am pasting information from a scheduling program to a spreadsheet. In my example, please look at column Q. It seems that SOME negative values are erroring out with a #VALUE. Not all negative values, however. This is the weird part. I've tried both the 1904 fix and without. No avail. I can manually fix the error by changing the "=" to " ' ". But the point is we're trying to automate this report. Please advise if you need any other information and I will do my best to get it to you!
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    Re: Issues with pasting negative time into spreadsheet

    Technically, they're all errored out.
    Excel just hasn't properly evaluated the cells with negatives if it's not creating an error.

    The error is coming from the number format. Excel expects hh:mm:ss.ssss, as hours:minutes:seconds.milliseconds.

    Your output doesn't fit anywhere in there; 00004:00 doesnt mean anything.

    Let's pretend Q90 has "-00004:00", because like, it does.


    Format this as time. BAM. Negative time.
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