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Cross reference 2 lists. Count matches on 2 lists. WHat feature to use?

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    Post Cross reference 2 lists. Count matches on 2 lists. WHat feature to use?

    Hello, I have a project for work and am not sure how to complete it with Excel 2013.

    I have 2 lists. List A is a list of 3000 target companies from a client. List B is a list of 140,000 members in our database.

    I need a count of how individuals from List B that are in each of the 3000 companies in list A. Need how many members we have from each of these 3000 companies.

    Anyone know what tools features I need to use?
    How to use these features?
    Any specific tutorials I can view?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Cross reference 2 lists. Count matches on 2 lists. WHat feature to use?

    If the list of companies is in Column A starting at A2 and the Members are in column C and their company in Column D starting at C2 and D2 respectively this might give you a start: Enter in a convenient column in row 2 and copy down.

    Formula: copy to clipboard
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