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Calculating cumulative 'time spent' across multiple sheets.

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    Calculating cumulative 'time spent' across multiple sheets.

    While at work I currently have a Timesheet set up in excel to monitor how much time each day is spent on specific tasks (tickets).
    It is formatted as such:

    Ticket | Description | Time

    I create a new sheet for each day.

    What I would like is to have a 4th column that could display the total time spent on each ticket. So it would SUM each of the 'time' values that had the same ticket reference across all the sheets.
    Is something like this doable?


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    Re: Calculating cumulative 'time spent' across multiple sheets.

    Google Excel 3D Reference or Excel 3D Lookup

    Ensure you describe your problem clearly, I have little time available to solve these problems and do not appreciate numerous changes to them.

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    Re: Calculating cumulative 'time spent' across multiple sheets.

    Why have a worksheet for each day? You have a million+ rows to work with. All you would have to do is enter under TIME the Date and Time. Then, calculations and charts can be easily made for any time period.

    If the data is in a TABLE then searching for specific items is quick and easy using the built in Table Filters. If you don't like to use the Table feature you can still use the Data Filter.

    Creating 1 worksheet per day will result in hundreds of worksheets which will over time be very awkward to work with.

    Something like this might work for you.
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