Hello everybody,

I want the contents of a cell to go all the way to the very edge of the cell. I set the indent to 0, but there still is that default space that Excel puts between the edge of the cell and the beginning of its contents. Is there a way to remove that default indentation?

For what it's worth, the reason I'd like to do this is that I've created make-shift stacked barcharts using =REPT("|",<number of repititions based on a forumla>). I've vertically aligned the cells the barcharts are in and set the vertical alignment to "Bottom", but would love it if I could get them to start at the very bottom of each cell instead of after the default indentation.

So it's sort of like sparklines, but I'm doing it this way because I wanted a little more control than Excel currently provide with sparklines. Info on the technique can be found here:
HTML Code: 
I'm new here- forgive me for the sloppy linkage. Oh, and if interested, I like to use "|" instead of "I", and found font: Britannic Bold/ size:10 looks pretty nice when vertically aligned.

Thanks very much in advance!