Hi All,

New here so I'm sorry if I couldn't find the appropriate section for this.

I run a dropship account and receive a TON of emails that are automated from our inventory/pricing software that I have to manually enter information into the Google drive spreadsheet I have. I'm wondering if there is some way/setting on Google Mail where we could automatically select certain portions of each order email (ie: "name", "order", and "qty") and have them be insterted in corresponding columns to the Google drive spreadsheet ("next open cell in column 'B'", "next open cell in column C"...)

the information being on the spreadsheet is helpful but not to the extent where we want to waste four hours a morning filling it out, especially during the holiday season.

We are working with Monsoon - Stone Edge as well, for inventory pricing and sending the dropship emails out, in case there is a way just to send it from there to the spreadsheet. Any help would be great!