I have data table like this.
Column heading VERSION, that has, 2014B,2014LE and 2015B for over 3000 rows.
Column heading, Generan/Oper, that has G&A and O&A
Column I, J and K, heading - Direct Exp. Allocated Exp. Total.
Column AL to AQ, headings are PIPE, TERM, NGS, BMS, GM.

I want to create a Pivot table, that should have PIPE, TERM, NGS, BMS GM in column A, (Row Labels), Versions 2014B, 2014LE and 2015B column Heading (Column Labels). .
Column I, J and K headings direct exp. Allocated exp, and Total should be column heading.
So, each Version(column label), 2014B, 2014LE and 2015B should have Direct, Allocable and Total.
Problem is that Pipe, Term etc. move together with direct, allocable and total.