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Continuous Range of Data

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    Continuous Range of Data

    Trying to graph the effect of an exchange rate on profit/loss for a portfolio. My charting skills are fairly poor and the only way I've been able to do this has been dragging out several thousand values (ranging from about 0.64 to 0.96) against the profits that each rate produces.

    Is there some way I can set it to a continuous range (from 0 to infinity) rather than manually entering the exchange rates? Obviously in my chart I'll only show a fraction of these but I need to be able to show data for basically any exchange rate.


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    Re: Continuous Range of Data

    IS there a formula that calculates your exchange rate?

    I would simply put a max of 12 rates down, then have the exchange rate below it.

    Then assign a toggle button to count up/down on the first cell in the series and each one after counts +.01 or whatever the change is between them.

    This way you are not wasting space with stuff you wont look at unless you want to see something specific. This is a window to that giant range you are thinking of.

    Infinity sounds like you are wanting to crash the system.

    If you were to build something that wrote in everything (Which you could in VBA) you could potentially crash your PC - not the best route -

    Look into using a spin button in the Form controls on the developer tab. You can assign a max/min range and then go from there -
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