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Create a Dynamic Drop Down List

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    Create a Dynamic Drop Down List

    Hello All!

    I have test results that I am trying to create a summary for. The issue that I need help with is a dynamic dropdown.

    If a student attempts the test more than once, I would like for a drop down to appear in the column to the right of their name, with the ability to select the other test attempts. In the raw data it appends a (2) to their name for the 2nd attempt for easy identification. I would like for the drop down to populate with those iterations. I have attached an example excel file along with more description as to what exactly I am looking for.

    Please let me know if you need more information from me that wasn't in the workbook.

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    Re: Create a Dynamic Drop Down List

    1) I've added a list of numbers in Summary column AA, these are used to create the version of the drop down I can make work for you.

    2) The dynamic OFFSET data validation formula in column C will create a list showing the number of values from the column AA list matching the number in column D

    The default selection in the column should be blank, choice #1.

    3) Column D formula is simplified

    4) The rest of the columns now "lookup" the raw data by joining the values in $B4&$C4, look at F, G etc to spot that.
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