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count unique (frequency formula)

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    count unique (frequency formula)

    Hi all

    Having some issues with sum(if(frequency formula.....

    in cell I95 (red highlight), i am trying to calculate UNIQUE instances of where an item is sold.

    my formula is as follows:

    {=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF('Q4 CRM @Y'!$K:$K='2014PERF'!$Z95,IF('Q4 CRM @Y'!$A:$A=$Y95,'Q4 CRM @Y'!$I:$I)),'Q4 CRM @Y'!$I:$I)>0,1))}

    it is showing 0....not sure why ....

    basically, what I am trying to do is as follows:

    FIND UNIQUE "ship-to # (column I in the "Q4 CRM @Y" tab) for specified CITY and (column K in the "Q4 CRM @Y" tab) and by DEALER (column A in the "Q4 CRM @Y" tab, marked as a 1)

    in the 2014PERF sheet, cell Y95 = 1 and Z95 = City...so basically, count how many unique times there is a ship-to for QUEBEC that is dealer

    it should be around 644 or so.....but getting 0

    any help, pls and thank you.
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    Re: count unique (frequency formula)

    Column I are Numbers stored as text convert them to real numbers.
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