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SOLVED: Create a custom report

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    SOLVED: Create a custom report

    I would like to create a custom report that takes data from Excel and merges it into a Word document. It's a bit different from a Mail Merge. Here is an example of what I mean:

    Let's say that my reports have a possibility of the following six sentences:
    1: Here is the forecast for today.
    2: Here is the forecast for yesterday
    3: Today the weather is cloudy
    4: You may want to take a raincoat today
    5: You won't need a raincoat today
    6: Please remember to support your local weatherman

    I would envision a column in which I would indicate which sentences I want included in the report. So let's say I indicate that I want sentence 1, 3, 5, and 6. It would generate the following:

    Here is the forecast for today. Today the weather is cloudy. You won't need a raincoat today. Please remember to support your local weatherman.

    A mail merge document would require that I put all the data in columns, so that I would have six columns. This will get unwieldy, in that these reports will have several hundred possible statements.

    EDIT: Tried out the solution. Worked exactly as I hoped.
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    Re: Create a custom report

    I would have a single cell that merges together the multiple statements you want to include, so it looks like the sample paragraph you showed. Then Copy that cell, and Paste it as a Link to the target Word document. Then every time you update the Excel file, refresh the Word document and the change will be shown.
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