I have dbf files from a Spanish accounting program. I have no problem to open them using MS Excel, so it's so easy as drag-and-drop the dbf file over an opened Excel.

My problem is about codification, because despite of I can see the information Excel is not applying correctly the codification. This means I get strange characters instead of, for example, ", , , , , ..." (information is in Spanish) For instance, if I open the dbf file with OpenOffice I'll be able to choose the codification set. So I try Windows-1252 and all characters are showed correctly in the OpenOffice sheet.

I've tryied changing the codification in the registry key DataCodePage from default value, OEM, to a new value, ANSI. That was a trick which works fine for MS Access 2010 and lower, so I thought it could alse be applied for Excel 2013. But unfortunately that didn't work.

So after a lot of tests I haven't able to find a solution for this codification problem. :-(

I'd be very thankful if someone knows how to fix this problem or can show me "something" to continue investigating.

Thank you very much for your help.