My friends, I need some help on organizing revisions on excel workbooks. I'm an engineer and I work with commercial models and project evaluation. I have to work on ongoing scopes that changes every day, so my financial analyses give me different numbers each time I change the scope. Some times it's hard to rember what I did in the last analisys becouse it's on going and I dont do a revision control with notes on changing becouse I don't have time to do it organized on my daily basis. There are means (add in, macros-vba, worksheets, softwares) anything that I can use to control and track the revisions I do in a organized and automatic way? I was thinking every time I save use a Macro that brings a window were I can put some log info about the changes that were made.

Another thing I need it's a organized way to save the different files, not just the log what changed. Today I'm using the date and time on the excel file like @23-02-15 - 16h04min.xlm

Another thing to bring to the table, if the solution its a commercial solution it cant be usable only for the user, what I mean, people that I send the file will need to access the information without the application becouse I work on a company that have softwares restrictions and approvals.

Thank you for the help!

Excel Organization & Revision Control - add-in, VBA-macro, software, workbook