I need to combine lists of data from Multiple spreadsheets saved in different locations into one Master Spreadsheet.

The data in each spreadsheet is in the same format, i.e. same column headers etc but I want to combine all the data into one spreadsheet in order to sort it by date.

simplified example below:
File 1:
Location Description Required Date
Building 1 Move Table 20/03/15
Building 1 Repair Chair 21/03/15
Building 1 Clean Office 22/03/15

File 2:
Location Description Required Date
Building 2 Fit New shelves 20/03/15
Building 2 Remove old furniture 23/03/15

All files are saved at different locations. I would like to end up with one spreadsheet that will have all the data from the various spreadsheets so as I can sort it by Required date column.

Can someone please help me with this? Let me know if there is more information required or where I can look to find a tutorial for this.

Thanks for you help.