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Between/greater than/less than filter options on manual filter field for Pivot Table

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    Between/greater than/less than filter options on manual filter field for Pivot Table

    I am running a Pivot Table where I have a couple of fields in the Manual/Report Filter section. When I go to filter those fields, I get the option to manually select each item. Fine. But there are a lot of items and it would be so much easier to just do a Between filter, which is only available if the field is in the row or column sections. Likewise I am adding in a Spin Button to spin through the records, displaying a range of values for that field. I set up a For Next loop to manually select each item, but that seems inelegant to me and I hope a Between method would be quicker.

    Note that I cannot add the field into my row or column sections as that would mess up my chart. I just need to filter on that field, not display it.

    Any suggestions? My Google-foo is not pulling up anything specific to my needs.
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