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Sort Cells in Password Protected Document

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    Sort Cells in Password Protected Document


    I need to password protect a workbook so data cannot be edited. But, I also need users to be able to sort the data while the document is password protected. I've tried locking the cells in Format Cells and checking the box for Sort when I password protect the workbook, but I still can't sort. Any ideas?

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    Re: Sort Cells in Password Protected Document

    After some Web search, I think there is only one way to solve your issue. It is to run a small macro like this one:
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    In this command, it is important to set the Contents to FALSE because this is what prevent sorting of your sheet.
    You can add or substact any specific properties you need for your application.
    This macro can be run as the sheet is activated events or as workbook is opened.
    Hope this helps
    Pierre Leclerc

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