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causes of inconsistent formula

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    causes of inconsistent formula

    Hello. I have a bunch of sum formulas and now I coped vlookup formulas into the cells above. It now says inconsistent formula in all of the sum formulas. What might be the cause of this? Nothing changed in the formulas.

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    Re: causes of inconsistent formula

    "Inconsistent formulas in the region" error is simply Excel's way of flagging a function that seems to Excel different from functions nearby. Fro example, if you have identical VLOOKUP() formulas with a SUM() formula in between, Excel will flag the SUM() formula for you to allow you to check if that SUM() function is correct or if it should be a VLOOKUP() function like the other two formulas around it.

    If the SUM() and VLOOKUP() formulas are correct, you can ignore Excel's warning. If the little green triangles really irritate you, you can go into Excel options and uncheck the appropriate error checking options.
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