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Excel sheet with the layout from MS Word

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    Excel sheet with the layout from MS Word


    I have a Word file that has the layout I want to use.

    Now I tried to copy paste the exact layout to the Excel file but the layout always get distorted.
    And I do not know how to recreate the exact layout from the Word file.

    I have attached the Word file to this post, can someone help me how I can recreate the exact layout in a Excel sheet?

    Thank you.

    The layout is important because it will be printed out in a label paper.
    If the shape and size of the layout get distorted, I wont be able to print the label correctly.
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    Re: Excel sheet with the layout from MS Word

    Why would you want to do that ? Word is perfect for the task.

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    Re: Excel sheet with the layout from MS Word

    Yes, but I wanted to use with the "Code 128 barcode"

    In my mind each square of the label paper should look like this.
    "Item number"
    "Item name"
    "Code 128 barcode"

    Of course I can do exactly that on the word file I attached.
    But then I would have to manually do each item over and over again. (thousand of items)
    In other words I wanted to create a Excel file which would make that faster.

    So lets say I have two sheets, sheet1 is "info" and sheet2 is "Layout".
    If I out the "Item number", "Item name" and the barcode# as a list in the sheet "info"
    All those information would automatically find it self in "Layout" sheet.
    =Info!A3 (With this I can attach what ever item name is in "A3" to the sheet "Layout")

    I have over 1000 of items and I hoped using the excel would speed the things alot.
    I have attached an example(scaned) of the end result I am hoping for.

    Is what I am hoping for possible?
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