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Conditional formatting adjacent cell

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    Conditional formatting adjacent cell

    This workbook contains several thousand rows of data to track asset numbers being used each day, the driver who drives that asset and the starting and ending mileage for that work day. The starting and ending mileage is entered from daily log sheets submitted by each driver at the end of his /her shift. A common problem with this strategy is Sally is careful to note each starting mileage before she actually leaves the yard; whereas, Steve starts his logbook two hours at a rest break and estimates his starting mileage for the day. I am trying to keep track and maintain good data on starting and ending mileage; if 20600 is used on 2/1/2015 and has a starting ending mileage of 1, 2; then tomorrow's starting mileage for that same asset should start with 2.

    Conditional formatting works using this formula =D5<>OFFSET(D5,-1,1); however, it does not take into account changes in column A when the asset changes on a new row of data even after sorting by asset, date and starting mileage. If the asset changes on a different day or the same day for that matter conditional formatting will highlight the cell in column D if the adjacent cell data is different in column E.

    Is vlookup necessary in this instance? Do I need to consider other options?
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    Keith Bell

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    Re: Conditional formatting adjacent cell

    Take a look at this.
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    English is not my native language sorry for errors
    Please correct me if I'm completely wrong

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