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For those that know Access Formulas

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    For those that know Access Formulas

    Hello All,

    I am new to Access, below are statments used in Access at my job. Can you please help me understand the formulas (In plain English) to the following two numerators and denominators? Note: Fico mean credit score

    Example 1
    Avg Fico Numerator LT600: Sum(IIf([fico] Between 1 And 599,[fico]))
    Avg Fico Denominator LT600: Sum(IIf([fico] Between 1 And 599,1,0))

    Example 2
    Avg Fico Numerator: FICO
    Avg Fico Denominator: Sum(IIf(Not IsNull(tbl_detail.FICO),1,0))

    I appreciate your help very much!

    Hendrix -

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    Re: For those that know Access Formulas

    Welcome to the Forum, unfortunately:

    This is a duplicate post and as such does not comply with Rule 5 of our forum rules. This thread will now be closed, you may continue in your other thread.

    Thread Closed.
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