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Excel / Access Formula

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    Excel / Access Formula

    Hello all,

    This is actually an access Formula, but im pretty sure someone with excel formula knowledge may know what this means:

    What does the "<>" mean, please help! Further, can you please distinguish what the difference of these two forumals are telling me?

    Example 1
    Sum(IIf([cash_dp]<300 And [mkt_typ]<>'L' And [has_voa_payment]=0 And [status] & [det]<>'XBT' And [contr_orig]<>'E' And (([Line]='Inhouse' And [contr_orig]<>'N') Or ([Line]='Dayline' And [contr_orig]='N')),[sales_volume],0))

    Example 2
    Sum(IIf([cash_dp]<300 And [mkt_typ]<>'L' And [has_voa_payment]=0 And [status] & [det]<>'XBT' And [contr_orig]<>'E' And (([Line]='Inhouse' And [contr_orig]<>'N') Or ([Line]='Dayline' And [contr_orig]='N')),1,0))

    Thank you very much!

    Hendrix P.
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    Re: Excel / Access Formula

    does not equal

    you need to change your title - see rules http://www.excelforum.com/forum-rule...rum-rules.html

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    To change the title of the thread, click EDIT on the original post, then click the Go Advanced button, then change the title. If two or more days have passed, the EDIT button will not appear, and you need to ask a moderator to change the title.

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