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Sorting while keeping data together

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    Sorting while keeping data together

    We have a spreadsheet with approximately 800 rows of data. We need to keep member ids together, but have the names in alphabetical order. If I sort alphabetically some children don't have the same last name, but need to be in a row below their parent. If I sort by employee id then all employees are out of order.....

    Column Headers:
    Last Name First name Relationship Code Employee ID

    Any and all help appreciated.

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    Re: Sorting while keeping data together

    Hi trmm and welcome to ExcelForum,

    Try adding a helper column that contains the primary name used to sort (i.e. the name of the Parents). Optionally add a number after the name so each family would sort in the order you prefer. The column can be hidden when not used for sorting if it would ruin your PrettyPrint.


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