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Calculating a team average (excluding absents) on a pivot table

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    Calculating a team average (excluding absents) on a pivot table


    I need to calculate in different weeks a sort of team average that is given by this formula "Total of sales during the week" / "Number of presences" (count of presences, i.e. in a team of 5 if nobody was sick/vacations that would be 5x5=25). My problem is getting into the pivot table the presences since some workers sell for 3 different products ( I though of adding a column with 1s, but in this case some would get 3 presences in a single day).

    Any ideas? This is for a huge data base, and I would like to do this by a pivot table. I also need the number of presences for other ratios


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    Re: Calculating a team average (excluding absents) on a pivot table

    Okay, what constitutes a team? All people selling product A is team 1, product B is team 2, etc?
    How do you determine an absence versus just didn't sell that product on that day?

    Attached is your data with a second pivot table which might be more enlightening. The days can be grouped to show weeks. It would help if you showed an example (manually filled in) of what you were looking for.
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