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Office Professional 2010 OR Office Professional 2016

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    Office Professional 2010 OR Office Professional 2016


    I currently use OFFICE Professional 2010. I have SCRIPTS and a third party software that create Excel files.
    ACCESS modules LOAD these excel files into an ACCESS database.
    ACCESS then creates reports based on the data loaded. These reports are sent to users that have Office professional 2010.

    I want to buy a new Office suite for a Windows Server 2012 R12
    I am trying to decide whether to purchase Office Professional 2010 OR Office Professional 2016.
    Note: Everyone right now has Office Professional 2010

    1) Is it safe to install OFFICE Professional 2016? or is it better to stay with 2010?
    2) Users that already have Office Pro 2010 would be able to read files created by Office Pro 2016? (whether in Excel or ACCESS)
    3) VBA code in EXCEL and ACCESS would still work without issues?
    4) The number of rows in Office 2016 is still the same as in 2010...(above 1,000,000)? and ACCESS size limitations are still the same?

    Thanks in advance for your comments!

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    Re: Office Professional 2010 OR Office Professional 2016

    As far as I understand it the main changes in 2016 are on collaboration and cloud features. Which, I guess, you are not needing to use. There doesn't seem to be much reengineering of existing features so probably not much risk in going to 2016.
    But you seem to have a good level of integration so not something to risk recklessly.

    Therefore my view is that at some point you will need to move forward so give it a try on a test environment. Clearly, if you decide to go ahead with a live implementation, the criticality of the systems may suggest how thoroughly you test and plan for a rollback.

    Maybe my response here will prompt others with more concrete experience of 2016 to proffer a view.

    PS. If you get stuck, need some help and have some money let me know. I quite fancy a trip to Canada.
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