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Select Date and Change Line Graph X-Axis

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    Select Date and Change Line Graph X-Axis

    I am trying to change a line graph so when the date in N:2 changes it modifies the graph so N:2 becomes the start date on the graph to the last recorded date.

    i.e. it changes the graph for 1/5/2010 to 1/22/2016 currently to 2/5/2015 to 1/22/2016. where the 2/5/2015 is the changing dynamic value.


    Help File.xls

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    Re: Select Date and Change Line Graph X-Axis

    Is it necessary to enter the date in a cell and reference that cell? One strategy would employ "filters". https://support.office.com/en-us/art...F-C6204E6E5C8A In this strategy, instead of entering the date in a cell, you would enter the start date in the filter dialog behind the filter drop down. When autofilter hides rows, the chart usually follows and does not display data in the hidden rows.
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