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Are Commercial Excel Add-Ins Worthy of Purchase?

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    Question Are Commercial Excel Add-Ins Worthy of Purchase?

    Sometimes I start to look for a quick function that does not exist for quick access and I have to find how it works to accomplish what I want. For example in Excel 2007 which is what I use concatenate function is not available for quick access like text-to-columns is. I wondered whether there are add-ins that would create quick access buttons on interface which will save me time searching and understanding how to use them.

    I have stumbled upon website which feels respected and provides add-ins for different tasks. The website is ablebits.com but I am contemplating if it is necessary to spend money on these or find ones available for free. Would there be risks with free add-ins from safety and function perspective? Can anyone recommend reliable resource for free add-ins?


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    Re: Are Commercial Excel Add-Ins Worthy of Purchase?

    If you want a function for multi-concatenation, check this out in the Tips and Tutorials forum (from TigerAvatar):


    Another free add-in that might be useful is morefunc - do a Google search for places you can download it from.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Are Commercial Excel Add-Ins Worthy of Purchase?

    I have used the free version of ASAP Utilities for many years without any issues whatsoever.

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