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Vlookup help needed ASAP!

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    Vlookup help needed ASAP!

    I struggle big time with Vlookup. I just started in a position using Excel and I swear it has only worked 1/5,000 times :-( so frustrated right now and hating Excel. Here's the situation:

    First sheet:
    List of ee numbers (column B2)
    Goal: Match the ee numbers up with their correct dept mgr

    Second Sheet:
    Table array is Sheet2!B:E (aka highlighting the ee numbers up to the dept mgr)
    Column index: 4
    Range lookup: FALSE

    End result: NA straight down the line, wahhh :-(

    I made sure everything was formatted as general, even played around with concerting the ee #'s to #. Nothing works. I really, really appreciate any guidance and support you can provide?

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    Re: Vlookup help needed ASAP!

    dupe to http://www.excelforum.com/excel-gene...eded-asap.html
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