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Excel not capturing the system user name, Start time, end time and total time spent

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    Excel not capturing the system user name, Start time, end time and total time spent

    Hi All,

    I have a macro enabled excel sheet. Let me explain how it works. Column E has data. If an user click a cell, automatically the data in a specific cell would go away and it would turn to red color. The same value would pop-up in H column. This is like a pick option tool. Whoever finishes it faster, they can go ahead and click another case and continue to work on.

    Now I would like to bring in a small change in this sheet. I am going to make this as a shared sheet since 9 other people would be working on this sheet. Column F should pop-up the system user name, so I can identify who has picked a specific case. Also, this sheet should automatically get saved for each xx micro seconds as the more fast the sheet gets saved the better next person would come to know about the changes (to avoid duplication).

    Also, when we scroll down the headers like "Ref#, Associate Name (system user name - column F and Your selection column H) shold not scroll up. It should be stable like freeze. only datas should scroll down. On a daily basis I would have data for nearly 300 lines. So, E2 to E502 would be having the data.

    Kindly help me in getting this solved. Along with this, if you find anything useful which could be built-in like start time and end time, it could be very helpful for me. Column I - Start time, Column J End time and column K total time spent.

    Thanks for all your help in advance!!.
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