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Purchase Order Database

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    Purchase Order Database

    I am at an intermediate level when it pertains to MS Excel but I am looking for ideas on an efficient way to store, track/report, and update data in excel. Here is my dilemma...

    I am a purchaser and I issue many purchase orders for a company that does not have any sort of ERP or database system. I only have MS applications to work with. There are two of us on the team and we each have a different way of keeping track of our purchase orders. So I need to create a tool that the both of us can use and manage our purchase orders and run reports and/or track them. What is the best way in Excel to build a database of our purchase orders, be able to update them as needed, run reports (what is open or closed, show data for specific job names, calculate total spend for each job, etc...), and share this information with others?

    My thoughts are to build a pivot table based on information that we enter into a master data sheet. the master data sheet will have the following headers: purchase order number, job name, vendor name, purchase order amount, issue date, and status (open or closed).

    What are your thoughts on this?? I appreciate any and all responses.

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    Re: Purchase Order Database

    Hi newguy and welcome to the forum,

    All this sounds great and doable. The hard part is the sharing your workbook and have you both enter data at the same time.
    Read about sharing at:

    I've found the problem comes when trying to "standardize" on a system the other person doesn't like. Have I said "I hate politics".

    To do pivot tables and harder stuff you need a copy of Excel installed on your hard drive. I'd suggest at least one person have the full version so that person can do the harder stuff.
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    Re: Purchase Order Database

    Hi thenewguy001,

    I can feel your pain to use Excel. I have just released this www.expeni.com very simple PO solution - with quick demo in it. At least do not ignore it by thinking that it is just another crapy solution. You take a look at it. It is simple and new features are in progress.

    Let me know if you need any help on this.
    no problem for the price as well... I just need real users...


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