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Production calculation Spreadsheet

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    Production calculation Spreadsheet

    I have a question, I'm not getting any solution, I want this ExcelSpreadsheet, please help for this, the question is:
    This is about some muesli bars: 32 pcs x 280 displays = 8960 bars / pallet. You had mentioned 22 pallets would make it 197.120 bars per year. 1200 point of sales (shops) )sold one display per week we would come to 998,400 bars per annum. If they same amount of stores sold one display every other week we could still arrive at 449.200 bars per year. Selling one display per week would require 4,5 bars to be sold per day, or for one display to be sold bi-weekly it would take 2,2 bars per day per store. (Hope the math is correct). This is of course a hypothetical example, and an average. In reality depending on location of store and foot traffic etc they sell very different numbers."



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    Re: Production calculation Spreadsheet

    Thats a lot of muelsi bars but what is the actual question?
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