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MGRS Calculating Bearing and Distance over multiple map Sheet

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    MGRS Calculating Bearing and Distance over multiple map Sheet

    Good Day

    I am trying to figure our how to calculate distance and bearing between two distant sites. The grids I have are from two distant map sheets. I know there are websites but I would like to be able to build this into excel. For example Point 1 is 12U WD 08077 51991 and Point 2 is 12U VD 95713 47136. What is the distance and bearing between the two points.

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    Re: MGRS Calculating Bearing and Distance over multiple map Sheet

    How much of this is an Excel question, and how much is a broader geometry/navigational question -- independent of programming language.

    Since I usually find that I need to understand the trig/geometry/math behind a problem, I put that question to a search engine, and found this page: http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html
    He describes the trig/geometry involved in the calculations, and includes Excel and Javascript formulas for the "law of cosines" (which he uses to get the "great circle" distance) and the "initial bearing". If you are interested, he also describes the much simple (but only truly applicable to short distances) "equirectangular" formulas that we all know and love from Euclidean "planar" trigonometry.

    Remember, whenever working with trig functions that angles must be expressed in radians and not degrees.

    Onedit: I noticed later that the link above includes an Excel spreadsheet near the bottom with his formulas implemented.
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