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Excel 2010 crashing / Function debugging

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    Excel 2010 crashing / Function debugging

    Hello, i have made this file (see attachement)

    It uses a function called "background" created by GregM which DOES change background colors of cells - however if you copy this file and open the new copy as well (have both open) after refreshing colors (button top left or ctrl+alt+F9) the colors from one file copy to the other, which should not happen. (to see the difference you obviously have to change the colors in the time table, if you want to empty it, there are buttons for that among the colorful squares on the very right)

    The module COLORC contains the code for the function. What causes that? i suspect the fact that the sheets have the same name but i dont know how to debug it.

    on top of that, in version 2010 the files crashes very often (sometimes it offers to restart, sometimes doesnt), mostly when copying with ctrl+c ctrl+v, dragging data, or any other changes however, sometimes it also crashes on ANY change of certain cells (happened to me with numbers in setting sheet, and with the names and sometimes with a random cell in teh time table (tried it in version 2016 and that didnt have this problem) I also tried it in 2010 version on different computers but crashed as well. what could be the cause of that?

    Try it yourself if you keep playing with it for at least 10 minutes and change a lot of things and try to mess it up i guarantee itll crash

    everything important is protected, no password, so you cant mess it up hopefully
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