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Extrapolating Missing Data

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    Extrapolating Missing Data

    Hi I am trying to find out the amounts of exp required per level for all levels, in a game, I only have some of the data.

    I thought it would be as easy as typing in the few I have in sequence and dragging them down... but their must be some sort of curve.

    Can anyone help me?

    Here is the data I have.

    Level 9 exp 6,324,555
    level 10 exp 8,026,232
    level 11 exp 9,976,613

    level 17 exp 27,492,312
    level 18 exp 31,471,250
    level 19 exp 35,777,088
    level 20 exp 40,418,318

    level 68 exp 819,926,826

    level 71 exp 879,753,973

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    Re: Extrapolating Missing Data

    What specifically do you need help with?

    If this is a "I have no idea where to begin" kind of thing, here's how I would analyze the data:
    1) put the data in a spreadsheet -- level in one column and exp in a second column
    2) Plot the data on a scatter plot with one column along the x axis and one column on the y axis.
    3) Look at the chart and see if anything obvious becomes apparent.
    3a) Switch X and or Y axes between linear an logarithmic to see if this causes the data to form a straight line
    3b) compare the shape of the curve with the usual families of curves (quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, square root, etc.) that I recall from algebra/calculus. If you need a refresher on these: http://mathfortress.com/Precalculus/...0Functions.pdf
    4) Hopefully at the end of step 3, I have some idea of what the regression equation should look like, so I set up the regression. Exactly how to set up this regression depends on my conclusions at the end of step 3.

    With the problem broken down in steps, where do you get stuck?
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    Re: Extrapolating Missing Data

    I took the liberty of doing what MrShorty suggested and the result is that a third-degree polynomial is a perfect fit for your existing data. Attached is a file that plots your points on a scatter graph. I tried various fits and the one shown has an R2 of 1, which is perfect (0 is no fit). The equation is shown on the chart. You can use that equation, where x is the Level, to give you the number of points for that level (y).

    The short answer to your question is Excel does not do interpolation* automatically by dragging values but it gives you enough tools to do it yourself.

    *Interpolation is filling in gaps within the known range of data, which is what we have here; extrapolation is extending your data outside the range for which actual data exists.
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