Hey i have been looking for at way to do this for a while now.

I want to use an arduino to log some data in an EXCEL sheet.
After this the data needs to be sorted and processed.

I know how to collect the data in an sheet, but sorting and rearrange it i where i come up short.

I want to measure RPM, throttle position and AFR form an O2 sensor.


This is an image showing how the data will be recorded.

based on measured AFR and wished AFR i will calculate an correction in fuel.

To use the correction, i would like i to be displayed in a sheet like the one below.


I would like the sheet to show an average in fuel correction.
It would be awesome if i could have limits on the parameters for sorting the data.
I imagine it to be like. 5000 rpm and 15% tps, would be the average correction created form measurement made in an rangen like 4950 to 5050 rpm and 12-18% TPS.

Hope some one can see and solution to this.

Thomas Harbo