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From excel table to stata time series

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    From excel table to stata time series


    I harvested GDP data (in current prices, constant price and rates) over 70 years (I have downloaded it), by region (and geographic subset - this is not important).

    However, in my table, each year becomes a variable. From there, when I pass it in statistical software, we cannot do time series studies. We cannot even do graphs.

    The software thinks 1970 = variable. No, 1970 is a n in "time", with time going from 1939 to 2012.

    Does someone know what i could do in order to do so that i have a variable "time" ?
    Someone told me that i need something like that: GDP2000, GDP2001, GDP....20xx.

    I don't need to make very sophisticated analysis here, it's more about comparing (but comparing in details).

    thanks a lot !

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    Re: From excel table to stata time series

    I don't think it's clear to anyone what the difficulty is.

    The top row (containing the year numbers) is formatted as Text. You might start by changing that to General.
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