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percentages in excel?

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    percentages in excel?

    Surely this has to be easy, but it isn't.

    I want to compare the % difference between two years. But:
    > if one cell is blank then the calculator needs to be blank.
    > if the first year is 0 then the 2nd year has a positive value then I need it to say 100%
    > if both years are 0 then it needs to say 0%
    > if both have a value then needs to work out the %.

    this is the formula but it still struggles.


    ps how do I say the post is sorted

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    Re: percentages in excel?

    How about this?
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Regarding your 'ps' - if you mean 'how do I mark the thread as solved' - see my sig.

    Recently moved house, internationally, during COVID (!) so am a bit busy and may not reply quickly. Sorry - it's not personal - I will reply eventually.
    If your problem is solved, please go to 'Thread Tools' above your first post and 'Mark this Thread as Solved'.
    If you use commas as your decimal separator (1,23 instead of 1.23) then please replace commas with semi-colons in your formulae.
    You don't need to give me rep if I helped, but a thank-you is nice.

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