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Highlight duplicates, multiple columns

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    Highlight duplicates, multiple columns

    Hi all

    I have a sheet with 12 columns. I would like to highlight rows where the data in 4 of these columns is identical/duplicates. Below is an example:

    Day Start Weeks Location
    mo 10:00 35 1485 - 239
    tu 09:00 35 1482 - 50
    mo 10:00 35 1485 - 239
    fr 11:00 38 1272 - 560

    Because row 2 and 4 is totally identical I want a way to highlight these.

    In advance, thank you for your help.

    Kind regards Chris

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    Re: Highlight duplicates, multiple columns


    Use a helper column E and concatenate A1:D1. i.e. =A1&B1&C1&D1
    Copyh this down

    Then alongside the helper column enter the formula in F1
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    copy this down and filter for the word 'duplicate'
    Richard Buttrey

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    Re: Highlight duplicates, multiple columns

    Select the A2:D5 column ->>> Press Alt->> O D->>> you will get a window Conditional formatting Rules Manager->> Click on new rule->>>you will get another window name New formatting rule->>>select use a formula to determine which cells to format---->put in the =SUMPRODUCT(--($A2&$B2&$C2&$D2=$A$2:$A$5&$B$2:$B$5&$C$2:$C$5&$D$2:$D$5))>1 in formula section then select the format->>> format the cells what you like to do. then Ok->> Apply->> ok.

    Same thing you will have to do for N column also but only formula will be change that would be =COUNTIF($B$1:$B$8,$N1) and all done.

    Check the attached file.

    Hope this will help you.
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