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Deleting/Copying from Pivot Table

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    Question Deleting/Copying from Pivot Table

    I have got my row labels and count being used in a pivot table. In each row label cell there is a data that can be expanded. In this expanded data is 3 more cells worth of data. I am only wanting the 1 bit of data from each of the expanded cells. I have tried copying the data i'd want from the pivot table but it would not let me and I've tried deleting the areas that i don't need but it won't let me delete them from the pivot table.

    I have copied the data out of the pivot table in to a separate sheet but when i do that, it takes away the ability to expend the cells to see the extra information i am after OR it has all of the expanded cells with everything else meaning i can't tell which bits of data has been expanded.

    I know that doesn't make much sense and i only know basic excel skills, anyone able to make any sense of that and come up with an answer?


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    Re: Deleting/Copying from Pivot Table

    Dear Liam

    Can you please share the details in excel will surely help you ,


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