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Need to export duplicate values, excel keeps crashing!

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    Angry Need to export duplicate values, excel keeps crashing!


    I am working on an excel spreadsheet that contains over 200.000 rows (so a huge workbook).

    I am trying to highlight and extract instances where the same event has been recorded more than once, but excel keeps crashing when i try. I have used conditional formatting, which results in the whole sheet moving extremely slow. When I try to filter by colour while using conditional formatting, excel keeps crashing! I can't even get the filter dropdown menu to appear. On the few instances it has appeared, it crashes when I select filter by colour.

    I then tried the countif()>1 method, which captures rows that are not duplicate values, and leaves out entries that are duplicates. Is there a way to extract my duplicate values from a sheet this big, other than the two routes explained above? My laptop runs on an intel Core i5 vPro processor, and has 4 gb ram. I don't know what to do, please help!!

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    Re: Need to export duplicate values, excel keeps crashing!

    VBA macro can do it
    a good example of your SS would be nice

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    Re: Need to export duplicate values, excel keeps crashing!

    The advanced filter has a "unique records only" option. Excel 2007 has a "remove duplicates" utility on the Data tab (I assume it is still available in 2010) that will remove duplicate entries from a list. (Discussed in this tutorial: http://www.contextures.com/xladvfilter01.html see "filter unique records" and "remove duplicates" sections). These utilities would eliminate the need for the COUNTIF() function and/or the conditional formatting, which may allow the operation to occur faster. Have you tried either of these two?
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    Re: Need to export duplicate values, excel keeps crashing!

    Conditional Formatting is resource intensive. I'd only use it at final stage of a report in very defined area (Ex. in final dashboard as KPI indicator).

    Since you have Excel 2010, try PowerQuery add-in. You can remove duplicates in one shot and same process will be replicated on table when you refresh resulting table.

    Another method is to use MS Query and use "SELECT DISTINCT" to remove duplicates.

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